Prodigy Agency hires Sami “Rico” Harbi to lead LoL expansion

Prodigy Agency, one of the leading esports talent management firms with clients including CS:GO stars ZywOo, BnTeT, shox, apEX, ScreaM and mixwell; or Kaydop (Rocket League), Maestro (Fifa), Carl.Jr (Trackmania); is expanding operations to offer League of Legends players its extensive services and representation under the guidance of Sami “Rico” Harbi and Nick “Crane” Turberville.

February 19, 2020 – Toulouse, France — Prodigy Agency, a talent management company that negotiated close to $10 million in employment and marketing contracts in 2019 and has helped increase its clients’ content generation and audience volumes with operations on several games in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and the CIS region, is now expanding to include players in Riot’s flagship game, League of Legends.


Leading the charge as Prodigy’s Head of League of Legends is Sami Harbi, also known as “coach Rico,” one of the most experienced personalities in the professional League of Legends scene. A prominent manager and coach for almost a decade, Mr. Harbi worked for top-flight organizations Fnatic (LEC), Dignitas (LCS) and CLG Academy before becoming a General Manager and building France’s LFL team MCES.


Joining Mr. Harbi in running Prodigy’s League of Legends department will be Nick “Crane” Turberville, a former team manager at BIG (Berlin International Gaming) and TheLastTribe.


Built around a family-centric culture and with a players-first mentality, Prodigy Agency will provide the same full suite of services to League of Legends players as it does its current clients, which includes career management, strategic guidance, contract negotiations, legal services, image and brand creation, marketing, content, and global partnership development.


Other than working directly with its clients, Prodigy Agency is also paving the way for a sustainable industry through the Talent Agent Regulations mission recently launched by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission), which aims to ensure youth protection and professional integrity in talent agent operations.


« I couldn’t be more excited to expand Prodigy Agency into League of Legends, one of the biggest competitive games in the world. We revolutionized the esports representation model in CS:GO and now we plan to do the same in LoL. The team of extremely qualified people that represent the current stars and up-and-coming talents in our roster is constantly growing, so it was a no-brainer for us to expand and offer our services to LoL players with the help of experts like Sami “Rico” Harbi and Nick “Crane” Turberville.


“We believe that individualized attention for every player is key and we focus on always doing our best to provide personal assistance by giving our players access to a full-scale management, marketing, business, PR and services team. After many success stories and with well-established relationships with teams, CEOs, General Managers and brands around the world, Prodigy Agency is equipped to meet any challenges our players may face.”


– Jérôme Coupez, CEO, Prodigy Agency


“Prodigy did a wonderful job representing some of the greatest talents in the CS:GO scene in 2019, while also scouting and bringing in some up-and-coming players. Inspired by their dedication and values, I’m happy to join the family as Prodigy’s growth extends to League of Legends, an ecosystem in which much has yet to be done for the players’ best interests. With my years of experience in competitive League of Legends and Prodigy’s resources to support players already at hand, 2020 will be yet another great year for the Prodigy Agency.”


– Sami “Rico” Harbi, Head of League of Legends, Prodigy Agency


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About Prodigy Agency –
Prodigy Agency is a leading esports representation agency building legacies for world-class and up-and-coming players, influencers, brands and properties around the globe.

Built around a family-centric culture, Prodigy offers talent a full suite of services including career management, strategic guidance, contract negotiations, brand creation and management, integrated marketing and global partnership development.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of esports and a combined reach of more than 30 million followers, leading brands and companies look to Prodigy Agency to provide leadership in understanding the esports market through fans’ passion and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measurable marketing programs and ROI.






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