Prodigy Agency raises 1M€ from Trust Esport

Prodigy Agency raises 1M€ from Trust Esport


Prodigy Agency raises 1M€ from Trust Esport to keep increasing it’s support for the players around the world.

Paris, December 10, 2020: The leading esports talent agency, Prodigy Agency, announced today that it has raised €1M ($1.21 million) from the Esports VC fund, Trust Esport.

Prodigy Agency, founded and directed by Jérôme Coupez, represent more than 80 players around the world , including some of the biggest stars in esports like Mathieu « ZywOo » Herbaut and Dan “apEX” Madesclaire on CS:GO, Adil « ScreaM » Benrlitom and Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas Colocho on Valorant, Carl-Antoni « Carl Jr. » Cloutier on Trackmania, Alexandre « Kaydop » Courant on Rocket League, or Paul « sOAZ » Boyer on League of Legends.

PRODIGY-AGENCY-Players_First.png ScreaM, ZywOo, sOAZ, apEX, nitr0, mixwell & Kaydop (Left to Right)

The professional players represented by Prodigy Agency play in the biggest clubs in the world, including VITALITY, TEAM LIQUID, OG, CLOUD 9, GEN.G, G2 ESPORTS, NIP, ASTRALIS, 100T, ENVY US, and many others.

Prodigy Agency, renowned for its ‘Players First’ initiative and holistic approach, is now taking a new step with this investment with the main goal to benefit their players from all angles and to support the company's hyper-growth, including:

  • To invest and make a strong commitment to players wellness, through the creation of a logistical, IT and human environment to serve the health and performance of its players;
  • To invest in the marketing and image development of its players, true opinion leaders in the gaming and esports communities and future global icons of the entertainment industry;
  • To recruit and expand its team to always provide the best support and services to its players, including adding key international agents on major games and regions, but also on marketing, sales and sponsorships;
  • To support its global expansion with a focus on the USA with the opening of an entity and offices in 2021, South Korea and China;
  • To contribute and pave the way to a regulation of esports backing players' careers and rights, in accordance to the game industry policies, along with the sports and esports governing bodies.

“Our main mission with Prodigy Agency is to take care and support our players from all angles, giving them the best protection and services we can. In that regard, we are happy to welcome Trust Esport and Matthieu Dallon, a pioneer in Esports, to the Prodigy Family with whom we share a common vision of the development stakes of this ecosystem and the players, and a real passion for Esports. Trust Esport is the perfect partner to keep paving the way of the players’ representation and expand our mission and operations. I’m really looking forward to continuing developing and building the best support for our players around the world.”

Jérôme Coupez, Founder & CEO Prodigy Agency


“We saw in Jérôme Coupez, Manon Lagarrigue and the entire Prodigy team an extraordinary entrepreneurial energy and benevolence, which has created a unique bond of trust with the prodigies they represent; this strength, combined with an international project and an objective of sector leadership convinced us to invest in their company and to support their vision.

Matthieu Dallon, Founder of Trust Esport

Prodigy Agency

Prodigy Agency is a leading esports representation agency supporting world-class and up-and-coming players around the globe.

Built around a family-centric culture, Prodigy offers talent a full suite of services including career management, health and performance, strategic guidance, contract negotiations, brand creation and management, integrated marketing, global partnership development and more.

Thanks to a deep knowledge of esports and a combined reach of more than 30 million followers, leading brands and companies look to Prodigy Agency to provide leadership in understanding the esports market through fans’ passion and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measurable marketing programs and ROI.

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Trust Esport

Trust Esport is a venture capital fund dedicated to Esports companies, co-founded by esports pioneer Matthieu Dallon and Fimalac, the investment holding of Marc de Lacharrière, with the support of the international groups Webedia, Amaury and FDJ. Trust Esport is actively supporting (Esports VR Arenas), (Livestream cloud studio), (Flash sales platform), (AI for a fair game).

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